Operations, Office, IT Manager – PCA Law

Karen Wheal

Karen Wheal, Project Manager at PCA Law

Chris quickly builds real relationships with people, always taking the trouble to get to know them as individuals. He is unfailingly helpful, and always goes the extra mile to help the business to achieve it’s goals. Chris’s strength lies in collaboration and working in partnership to deliver accurately and on time. Finally but importantly, Chris has a great sense of humour and through that is able to defuse stressful situations as well as make office life more enjoyable.

Operations, Office, Studio & IT Manager – Foxtrot Hotel

Violetta Zurek
Violetta Zurek, Business Development Manager at Excell Group

It is my pleasure to recommend Chris Fuller, who I worked with during his employment at Foxtrot Hotel. I found Chris to be very professional, well organised, hard-working, enthusiastic, loyal and always willing to go extra mile. Based on his work, I would rank him as one of the best Office /IT Managers I have ever dealt with. His attention to detail is excellent and his customer service is 5 star. He will be an asset to any employer and I do not hesitate to recommend him for any endeavour he chooses to pursue.

Samantha Todescato-Rutland
Samantha Todescato-Rutland – Managing Director at The Green Bureau Ltd

Chris was involved in the financial side of the organisation such as managing the financial aspects of projects and costing in-house projects. Chris is a real ‘get things done’ guy who is very well organised and committed. His skills overlap so many areas and this gives him a special perspective on dealing with real issues and the certainty that he will always know how to best deal with the job at hand. His diligence and commitment means he has a real understanding of the bigger picture. I am very happy to recommend Chris without hesitation.

Suzanne Gussman
Suzanne Gussman – Knowledge Manager at British American Tobacco

I have worked with Chris on a number of projects over the past few years during his time at Foxtrot Hotel. He always had a professional approach, was energetic and enthusiastic and totally committed to getting a good job done even if it meant an early morning start or late night finish. He has great organisation and IT skills and will always seek to find a solution to your problem.

Facilities Manager – (FTC/Maternity Cover), Cohn & Wolfe

Suzanne Gussman
Raj Dadra, CFO – Europe Middle East & Africa at Geometry Global.  Raj managed Chris at Cohn & Wolfe

Chris Fuller has exceptional experience in managing building projects and establishing core facilities management functions. He is focused, goal orientated and possesses an abundance of drive and determination.

Paula Grant
Paula Grant, Senior HR Business Partner at Rugby Football Union. Paula managed Chris indirectly at Cohn & Wolfe

Energetic, determined, amazing attention to detail – a man that makes things happen, regardless of the challenges! Chris made our office move and relocation seem almost straight forward, mainly due to his effort and approach.

Facilities Manager – Joshua G2/Grey London

Graham Channon
Graham Channon, Creative Director See Design Limited. Graham worked directly with Chris at JoshuaG2

Always at hand to insure that everyone at Joshua had everything that they needed to effectively do their job. Any problems he always seemed to be first there taking immediate and effective action. Always had his eye on budgets and identifying cost saving opportunities as and when they arose and most importantly a conscientious, motivated and pleasant colleague to work with.

Office & Studio Manager – Geometry

Jonathan Dodd
Jonathan Dodd, Chief Strategy Officer at Geometry Global. Jonathan managed Chris indirectly at Geometry

Chris combines expertise in IT and Facilities with clear and methodical thinking and organisational skills that, along with an appreciation of corporate strategy and culture ensure effective execution of a key element of any successful business.

IT Manager – Fitch

Robin Kadrnka
Robin Kadrnka, Director at Brand Arkade.  Robin managed Chris indirectly at Fitch

Chris and I worked together for several years at Fitch. We were a big business then with complicated IT requirements (design business) and lots of people who didn’t quite get the ins and outs of the system (design business). Chris ran the IT team, created the best archiving system I have ever worked with and kept our entire system running smoothly. All with a cool head and caring manner. I would recommend Chris for an IT Management position in the future.

Nick Richards
Nick Richards, Creative Director Identica. Nick worked directly with Chris at Fitch

Chris brought a unique creative approach to our unique creative business. His vision and foresight provided an IT infrastructure that transformed the way we operated. His tireless quest for the next big thing helped us stay one step ahead of the rest. I would have no hesitation recommending Chris to any future employer.

Andy Catterick

Andy Catterick, President – Creative Director at PixelPool Inc. Andy worked indirectly for Chris at Fitch

Chris brings both professionalism and accountability. He is a born free thinker in his role, willing and able to challenge complex methodology and propose / implement streamlined and efficient processes. He has the ability to humanise an often difficult task bringing a fun approach with real solutions. His determination and commitment is highly commendable and his track record clearly illustrates his success. Chris is great fun to work with. I would be delighted to work with him in the future.

Anna Chopping
Anna Chopping, Freelance Graphic Designer. Anna reported to Chris at Fitch

I’ve known Chris for over ten years now, and would highly recommend him in the workplace. Chris was the guy who was always early in to work, and the last one to leave at the end of the day. He takes his role and responsibilities to a company very seriously and will always get the job done on time, on budget, and against all odds. He works extremely hard and would be a credit to any future employer.