September 2014 to Present – PCA Law, Operations Manager

At PCA Law, I’m part of a team that has worked with over 80 top international law firms, including Magic and Silver Circle firms, US firms, and leading City and regional firms. All of PCA Law’s 24 consultants share a trinity of skills. Firstly, they all have a legal background, with our consultants including former law firm partners and general counsel. Secondly, they all trained as professional actors, either during or subsequent to their legal careers. And finally, they are all specialists in communication, having undergone an internal training course at PCA that was specifically designed for this purpose.

PCA Law specialises in training lawyers to communicate effectively and efficiently, including the delivery of difficult messages in pressurised and challenging environments. The PCA training enables lawyers to confidently build successful relationships, win new high-value business, and work effectively in increasingly global teams. PCA Law has a unique background and a singular goal: the long-term behavioural change of lawyers by means of our trademarked method, The Communication of Choice™.  Essentially, we want to help impact your bottom line as a business. We sincerely believe that we can do this through the PCA Outcome-based Communication® Model. This model is supported by our understanding of neuroscience, experiential training and the latest personal communications techniques.

I have honed my skills as an operations manager in previous roles with startups and global business, and this places me in an ideal position to move PCA forward as a business. In addition to moving the business forward, my role is to grow the business and build on our successes to date. I will be taking responsibility for a broad scope of functions at PCA, with a view to overseeing the provision of our services, both in-house and to external clients.