Does free food make for a happier office?

Free meals, coffee, tea, and even alcohol are being offered by some companies in an effort to make their workers happier. But does it work?

One of the biggest cliches in business is that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. But this is fast becoming untrue in more and more workplaces.

City firms and large technology companies including Facebook and Google are the most generous providers. Their canteens are filled with hot meals, desserts and drinks at no cost to staff.

Google is rumoured to have a “150-feet” rule, stipulating that no worker should be further than this distance from a food outlet. It is apparently very generous, the kind of thing most workers would love, rather than having to spend hundreds of pounds a year on sandwiches. But what do companies get in return?

They say it improves morale, that being well-fed and watered provokes a sense of wellbeing.


Really interesting article from BBC

My cover photo is taken from the article.