What do dogs have to do with workplace productivity?

Play pens, climbing walls and rooftop bars are just some of the novelties creeping into Japanese offices. Unusual as these office perks may seem, Neil Hitchen, Head of Markets, JLL Japan, explains why companies in Japan are starting to realise that new workplace strategies deliver very measurable benefits to the bottom line.

One of the more interesting requests I’ve put in front of a Japanese landlord is asking whether they’d allow dogs in their building. The US-based tenant was keen to introduce their ‘dog friendly’ workplace concept to Japan.

Quite often I hear that new workplace formats don’t work in Japan – employees value their privacy and managers aren’t prepared to part with their own personal space. But in truth, executives are curious about new ways of working.

Many companies who approach us to consult on real estate strategies often put workplace solutions right at the top of their agenda.

While cost savings is a key driver, we’ve seen the conversation shift to productivity, employee engagement and innovation in the last few years. In fact, the office is no longer just a real estate consideration – it’s also closely linked with HR and marketing. A great office not only boosts team morale but also attracts a wider talent pool, enables a mobile workforce and boosts branding.

Find out more from JLL Japan website. An interesting article from Neil Hitchen on 20th October 2014

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