Fully experienced in Operations, Studio, Facilities & IT Management

Used to working in pressurised environments and excel at finding effective, commercially-minded solutions that meet both budgetary and deadline constraints. With strong negotiation and communication skills, I’m able to work effectively at all levels within an organisation, independently and as part of a team. Click here to see my portfolio of work which shows how I continually achieved my goals in Health & Safety, Procurement, Resource & Strategy Management, Project Management and Relocation Management, to name a few. I am multi-skilled and have an abundance of drive and passion for getting the right job done, by using methodical thinking and organisational skills that I will blend with your organisation’s culture.

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Who's really in charge?
You are: I work collaboratively with you to drive the project forward...
Your business is my business. I will listen to you and ensure that your aims are achieved. I will communicate and keep you informed. Wherever there is a problem, I will find a solution.
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Who fits the mould?
I don't fit the standard mould - neither do you...
You don't want one size fits all solutions. I think out of the box and turn ideas on their head to get the right solution for each client.
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Who's putting you first?
I am. My work is tailored specifically to your needs...
Don't rely on those who aren't fully focussed on you. I have the client focus and drive to deliver the right results on time and within budget.
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Who am I?
I've 20 years' experience in operations, facilities & IT...
In an increasingly digital age, it is vital to have the right web profile to attract new, and maintain existing, clients. I can support you with all web-based needs. All websites are built with hand-held devices and desk tops in mind.



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